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About us

Welcome to HeliumHotspotArt, where we give the People Powered Network

a whole new layer of personality!


With the steady growth of Helium's innovative proof-of-coverage consensus mechanism, we saw an opportunity to make the world’s fastest growing wireless network a place that each participant can truly call their own.


We work with professional artists and designers to bring your hotspot to life like you’ve never seen before! Your 1-of-1 design will live on the blockchain as an NFT, and as our project progresses to later phases, each NFT will gain attributes and values that translate into real world benefits!

Our goal is to offer easy access to both NFTs and the Helium network. And the best part? You don’t even need to have a hotspot to be a part of it! That’s right, with half a million hotspots and counting around the world, anyone curious about the network or about NFTs has the chance to bring any one of them to life!


We use our artwork as a platform to promote the conservation of animals, wildlife, and their habitats. Our advocacy brings awareness to the endless possibilities when you combine an interconnected network of people with unique, immutable artwork.

Our Team


Giuseppe Turiello

CEO / Head of Design

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-16 at 2_35_21 PM.webp

Roman Kalt

Head of Sales


Zach Newman



Raffaele Moccia

Senior Graphic Designer


Shaan Chaudhari



Stephanie Locher

Graphic Designer

We don’t claim to be the only NFT artists on the network, far from it actually! What we want is to do our part in pushing the growth and adoption of Helium Hotspots around the world, and to show that anyone can be a part of it. 


So what are you waiting for, you’re just three easy steps away from owning your own slice of the decentralized pie!

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