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Which one do you choose?

Let's bring a
Helium miner to life.

Get your image as a PDF (with high resolution

for printing) and your unique 3D-animated NFT.

Need to set up a wallet? Discover how here.

A heart for our animals designs and visualizes Helium hotspots. Each image is unique and created by a professional designer. Owning one or even more Helium Hotspots is a wonderful feeling. Not only does it change the network, but it leaves people involved with a sense of optimism, progress and the future. Bring a Hotspot to life today and get your NFT.

Your own NFT

You receive your NFT (Non Fungible Token) as an ERC-721 token directly into your Polygon Wallet. This makes it possible to give away or sell your NFT at any time. Every NFT is unique!


Winner of the next draw

Big Honey Monkey


Our numbers

First edition ends with 500

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